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The Meeting House is currently closed for worship.  Instead we will run an online meeting.  If you are interested in joining us online, please email woking@quaker.org.uk to ask for details


Join us for silent worship any Sunday at 10.30 am, or for the other events we hold here. Children are welcome! Just let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements for them.

A busy at at the meeting house carrying out quinquennial

Film Night

Thursday 14 November, Woking Debates are showing the film A Bold Peace a documentary about Costa Rica. All welcome at the meeting house in Park Road, start 7: 30pm

Film Night : From Balfour to Banksy

On Thursday 19 September , at 7:30pm at the Woking Quaker Meeting House we are showing the film From Balfour to Banksy, which examines the situation for the Palestinian people following the 1917 Balfour Declaration up to the present day. The film’s producer will be present to answer questions. This is one of 3 film nights that will be hosted by the Woking Debates.

Keith in Palestine


Soldier in Hebron – Photo: EAPPI/G.Matyias

Keith S has been serving as an observer as part of the The World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).  Every week or so he sends an email with news of his impactful experiences.

Want to know more about Quakers ?

Area Meeting walk

Area Meeting Walk, Alice Holt Forest.

In 2013 and 2018 we ran Becoming Friends: Living and Learning with Quakers, a year long course which aims to help those who are new to Friends to learn more about Quakerism. The Becoming Friends material is currently being re-written. We would hope to run it again at some stage in the future when the new course is available.

Reading Quaker Faith and Practice Group

Every second Monday of the Month at the meeting house Park Road, Woking, a group of us read part of a chapter of Quaker Faith and Practice and then share whatever comes to mind. This is done in a meditative way by passing a shell from one person to another. You speak only when you have the shell and if you don’t want to say anything, just hold the shell and hold the silence for a moment.

Next session is Monday 9 Oct 2017

Shared Lunch Sunday 20 August 2017



In anticipation that are budding apple trees will produce something like this!

All Welcome to join us for Shared Lunch 12 noon to 2pm, on Sunday 20 August 2017, at the meeting house 41 Park Road, Woking.

At the lunch we will be saying farewell to Keith who is going to Israel / Palestine for 3 months service.



Recommended: Film “Arrival”

Irene recently watched the film ‘Arrival’ and was very impressed by it for several reasons.

She wrote, “It is a thoughtful science fiction film about communication (no light sabres or space battles, although there is one explosion, presumably to keep the teenage boys interested!); its main character is an intelligent woman and, despite the story including a bereavement, its message is ultimately positive and life-affirming.”