All welcome to a Play to be held at the Woking meeting House, Sunday 13 November, at 2pm

The play commemorates the opposition of Quakers and others to the introduction of conscription in 1916 against the backdrop of growing militarisation today.

For Conscience Sake

When Morris, would-be thespian and unrepentant curmudgeon, tries to unravel the story of his grandfather’s heroic exploits in the Great War, he is faced with an unexpected surprise. His unlikely buddy, Albert, unsuccessful author and Quaker enthusiast, attempts to ease the pain by arguing that we should remember the courageous conscientious objectors who resisted conscription in 1916. If more had done perhaps millions of lives could have been saved. Unconvinced, Morris stubbornly defends what his grandfather did for King and Country, until Albert unearths documents in Huddersfield that reveal a disturbing truth.

THE play is set in the present, but looks back to the past where, in a small mill town south of Huddersfield, two brothers are faced with the call to arms. It draws on real events to explore the tensions and confusions that must have been in the minds of the men who resisted conscription when their family, friends, the Press and the government were all pressuring them to bow to public opinion. The Huddersfield area had many such men, and a large number of them spent the war in prison or government work camps rather than compromise their moral principles.

There is usually no performance fee for Quaker meetings, but we do ask for return travel costs by car. We hope that a ‘retiring collection’ could be used to donate to a charity involved in peace work of the meeting’s choice, Quaker or otherwise.

Plain Quakers theatre projects supports the aims QPSW, the Peace Education Network, the Northern Friends Peace Board, ForcesWatch, and Veterans for Peace.

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