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Hertford Friends Meeting House

Hertford Friends Meeting House – the oldest of its kind in the world, in use since 1670 {photo: Matthew Juggins, Our Hertford And Ware}


Brigflatts Friends Meeting House

Brigflatts Friends Meeting House in Cumbria was built in 1675, and is the oldest meeting house in the North of England {photo: Visit Cumbria}


St Helens Friends' Meeting House

This Friends’ Meeting House – the oldest building in St Helens – dates from 1679. {Image provenance: unknown}


Marazion Friends Meeting House

Marazion Friends Meeting House, Cornwall, circa 1688, remodelled 1742 and circa 1880. Granite rubble walls. {British Listed Buildings}


Friends Meeting House, Countersett

Friends Meeting House, Countersett (1710). Wensleydale was a centre of the early Quaker movement. {Photo © David Pickersgill, Creative Commons License}


Come-to-Good Friends Meeting House

Come-to-Good Friends Meeting House (1714), Feock, Cornwall {Photo by Vernon White of Devon & Cornwall Quakers}


The Pales Friends' Meeting House

The Pales Friends’ Meeting House, Powys – the oldest FMH in continuous use in Wales – built circa 1717 {photo: Martin Bro}


Thirdhaven Friends Meeting House

THIRDHAVEN, 1684, generally considered the oldest surviving Friends Meeting House in the UNITED STATES. Click on image for interior view. The first known Quakers in North America arrived there in 1656. Image © Diana “Dee” Horney-Gabler


Field of dandelions

Field of dandelions {photo by Tansy}


Far and wide - artwork

Far and wide – artwork by Woking Friend Emma



‘Stillness can be moving’ {photo: H Koppdelaney 2008, CC BY-ND 2.0}


Quaker Ladies - Houstonia caerulea

QUAKER LADIES – Houstonia caerulea – found in North America
{photo: © 2010 Janet Powell of Earth Healing} ✔


Quaker butterfly

QUAKER butterfly – Neopithecops zalmora, Kadavoor, Kerala, India {photo by Jeevan Jose. Wikipedia Commons}


"Quakers wife" jig

Score to “Merrily Kiss the QUAKER’S WIFE”. This jig seems to be of Scottish origin and may have roots in the 14th Century, long before there were any Quakers. Also became a traditional Irish folk tune {shareware,}


Japanese anemones in the garden at Woking Meeting House: August 2012

Japanese anemones in the garden at Woking Meeting House: August 2012

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