Midnight Religion: poem

At the zoo‘Midnight Religion’: a poem by Gareth Strachan

A Church and a Mosque
Got up in the Night
They looked at each other
And started to Fight.

Along came a Temple
A Synagogue Too
They shook hands and made plans
To visit the Zoo.

After the lions
And tigers and bears
It was crumpets and trumpets
But no nasty glares.

They talked and they talked,
Looked back on the Ages
‘To Bed’, they said
And crawled back in their Cages.

This poem/nursery-rhyme is from a book of Gareth’s poems, Weightless Pedestrian, which he has kindly donated to our library. Gareth, who attends some of our meetings, also has a play showing 31 May – 5 June, 7.30pm, at Baron’s Court Theatre, Curtain’s Up pub, 28A Comeragh Road, W14 9HR, entitled: The Tiniest Poem in The World (a brief look at the search for perfection). Bookings: 020 8932 4747