Centres in Britain

The map shows various Quaker centres – open to all – for retreat, healing, study, conferences or quiet stays. Hover over an image for a summary of what that centre offers, or click on the image for more detail.

Map of UK Quaker CentresGlenthorne Quaker Centre & Guest House, Grasmere, Cumrbia. Click on image for more info.Glenthorne, Cumbria

Swarthmoor Hall, Cumbria - for retreats, visits, workshops, conferences. Click on image for more info.
Swarthmoor Hall, C’mbria

The Quaker Community, Bamford, near Sheffield - come and stay for a few days. Click on image for more info.
Bamford, Derbyshire

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham. Click on image for more info.
Woodbrooke, Birmingh’m

Charney Manor, Oxfordhsire - for conferences, retreats, workshops & unprogrammed visits. Click on image for more info.
Charney Manor, Oxf’shire

Jordans, Bucks - for conferences, business meetings, training, coaching, family, yoga, retreats etc. Click on image for more info.
Jordans, Bucks

Claridge House, Surrey - for rest, retreats, healing & renewal. Click on image for more info.
Claridge House, Surrey


The Retreat York (www.theretreatyork.org.uk) is a not-for-profit, residential-only, specialist mental health care provider, working with the NHS to provide care for people with complex and challenging needs. It was founded in 1792 by William Tuke, a Yorkshire Quaker, and opened in 1796. It remains to this day a Quaker organisation. It has the distinction of having been the first establishment in England where mental illness was regarded as something from which a person could recover, and patients were treated with sympathy, respect and dignity.

Some Friends feel an affinity with – and regularly visit – The Othona Community, which has one centre near Bridport in West Dorset and one in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex. Othona is NOT a Quaker community – but its approach and values have much in common with those of Quakers.