(Othona, Dorset & Essex)

Othona ... Burton Bradstock

Othona West Dorset, near Bridport

Othona ... Bradwell

Othona Bradwell-on-Sea in Essex

“Quiet and simplicity, coupled with open-hearted and open-minded spirituality, make the Othona Community in West Dorset a place where Quakers will feel very much at home.  Memories of the weekend include: going to sleep listening to the sound of the sea and waking up to the sound of the sea; sitting in the gazebo in the dark watching lightening over the ocean; walking on the beach in the sunshine; superb organic meals; kind and gentle people; and lots of joy and laughter. I would highly recommend a visit!”

Margaret R of Woking Meeting, May 2011

Othona is a network of people across the UK and around the world, with two permanent centres, both on the coast: one near Bridport in West Dorset and one in Essex. It was founded in 1946 to provide space to explore peace and reconciliation after the Second World War. The community still confronts the challenges of our time, spiritual, social and ecological.

Othona is NOT a Quaker organisation: it has been included on this website because of the striking similarity in its ethos with that of the Quaker movement. Also, quite a few Quakers – including some from our Woking Meeting – regularly visit Othona and participate in its activities. It is similar to Quakers in that, although it has Christian roots, it encourages individuals, families and groups of all faiths or none to get involved in the community, to slow down, and to get to know themselves & each other in beautiful surroundings with their walks and beaches.

Visitors are considered part of the community, sharing meals, jobs and jokes, and contributing talents and ideas. According to their website, “Othona is an approach to spirituality.   The great, intimate mystery we call God surely goes beyond dogma.   We all learn from each other, and, without pressure to conform in religious terms, may experience the fellowship of the spirit in everyday life.”

Othona offers a varied programme of retreats – but individuals are welcome to come along and pass the time fruitfully in their own way.

■ Othona West Dorset …
Website : www.othona-bb.org.uk
Telephone : 01308 897130
Email : mail@othona-bb.org.uk
Address : The Othona Community, Coast Road, Burton Bradstock, BRIDPORT, Dorset, DT6 4RN UK

■ Othona Bradwell-on-Sea …
Website : www.othona-bradwell.org.uk
Telephone : 01621 776 564   Fax : 01621 776 207
Email : bradwell@othona.org
Address : The Othona Community Centre, East Hall Farm, East End Road, Bradwell-on-Sea, SOUTHMINSTER, Essex, CM0 7PN UK