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The back of this ;Quietways greetings card is taken from the QUAKER BOOK OF FAITH AND PRACTICE, ADVICES AND QUERIES No. 21, and reads: Do you cherish your friendships so that they grow in depth and understanding and mutual respect?

Key Quaker Books

Quaker Faith and Practice is the core statement of the personal and corporate spiritual experience of Quakers in Britain. It contains writings by Quakers and others divided into sections which cover Quaker faith, action, testimonies, and reflections, as well as information about Quaker organisation and membership.

It is a living, growing document which is revised in each generation.  This regular revision enables Quaker Faith and Practice to reflect new developments in Quaker thought, and in our understanding of the world, our history, and our faith. 667 pages. Published 1995.

Advices and Queries is a brief document intended for use in Meetings and by individuals for private prayer and reflection. It contains advice, counsel, challenge and inspiration for all those who wish to grow in their spiritual lives. You may like to view the full text of Advices and Queries.

(The seed of this document was sown in 1682, when many Quakers were in prison. London Yearly Meeting asked representatives of Quarterly Meetings some questions about the welfare of Friends in their areas. In subsequent years these questions became more numerous and were supplemented by separate paragraphs of counsel, thus forming what became known as the “Advices and Queries”.)

The present document for the UK, dated 1991, is one of the many revisions and reworkings that the Society has made over the centuries. Quakers in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, have developed their own versions.

Quietways Cards: 2

The back of this ;Quietways greetings card is taken from the QUAKER BOOK OF FAITH AND PRACTICE 27:11, and reads: The flowers of unselfish living may be found growing in other people’s gardens and … rich fruits of the Spirit may be tasted from other people^s trees. They spring from the same Holy Spirit of Truth, the same seed of God whose power moves us through God.

Some Other Quaker Books of Interest

Paths of the Spirit arranged by Harvey Gillman. This is a delightful book of photographs and quotes from Quaker writings, ideal for reflection and meditation. Brings a Quaker dimension to spirituality. 48 pages and 17 photographs.  Published 1998.

A Light that is Shining by Harvey Gillman. A lively introduction to Quakers today, written for those who have not come across Quakers before.  101 pages. Published 1997.

Portrait in Grey by John Punshon. A basic introduction to the history of Quakers. 293 pages. Published 1984.

Faith in Action – Quaker Social Testimony with an essay from Jonathan Dale and many other contributors. A major collection of writings on the exploration of our social testimonies to inspire and challenge. 288 pages. Published 2000.

The Quaker Bookshop

The above books can be obtained from The Quaker Bookshop at Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ. A full list of titles together with ordering details can be found on the Quaker Bookshop webpage.

[Images on this page taken from Quietways Cards.]