Marriage & Funerals

Quaker Parrots

QUAKER PARROTS aka grey-headed parrots or monk parakeets, native to South America, are the only parrots that build complex stick nests and live in them all year. {Image owner unknown}

A Quaker marriage takes the form of a Meeting for Worship for Marriage, and follows the spirit of all our meetings for worship.

After a period of silent worship, the couple make their vows to commit themselves to pursuing a loving, faithful and lifelong marriage. There is then a chance for any of the gathered meeting to contribute their own ministry for the couple.

The Meeting is otherwise unprogrammed, and is not led by any religious official, although a Quaker Registrar is on hand to see the Quaker Marriage Certificate is read out and signed by all present. Music is not usual, but can be included if the couple so wish.

A Quaker funeral takes place more in a spirit of thankfulness than mourning for the life that has been lived (and for this reason Quakers often don’t wear black). The service also aims to help the those attending feel a sense of God’s presence and tends to follow the normal pattern of silent worship, with ministries – from individuals attending the service – including memories, readings, and so on. Sometimes programmed elements are incuded.