Charney Manor workshop: ‘Power from whence life comes’ 24-26 Jan 2014

To aid  our growth as individuals and as a meeting, several of us are attending the Charney Manor workshop ‘Power from whence life comes ‘  on 24-26 January 2014. If you are interested in joining us please book directly with Charney Manor and email Jean so we an track numbers of Woking friends that are registered to attend. Manor

Course Overview : Cost: £176 (deposit: £76)
What is the central experience at the heart of Quakerism? How can we find it for ourselves, how can we feel and work with its power and our own strength? Starting from some early Quaker images, we will explore our own pictures of the inward journey to life and truth.Gerald Hewitson has found in Early Friends patterns and examples for his own religious experiences.
Beth Allen is a lifelong Quaker, now retired after 20 years working at Friends House.

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