Light pattern (courtesy Tonbridge Wells Meeting)This session of quiet contemplation is open to all. Location: Friends Meeting House, Park Road, Woking: 7.30 for a 7.45 start. Finish: 9pm.

Each month a different volunteer either leads a guided meditation or selects some readings to place in the silence. They are welcome to incorporate music or artwork if they feel so inspired. Afterwards everyone is free to share their thoughts and feelings … or to stay silent.

The evenings are loosely based on Experiments in Light meditations which were devised by Quaker and theologian Rex Ambler. Individual Woking Friends have been selecting and developing additional meditations to act as an inspiration in our daily life.


Monday 20 May :  The meditation was led by Kath Higgens, who shared a selection of readings published below :

Extracts from: Wendell Berry b. 1934, USA

Les Murray b. 1938, Australia

Our relationship to the natural world. From “dominance, ruling over” (Genesis), to biocentric holiness of creation.




There are no unsacred places;

there are only sacred places

and desecrated places.




What is waste, what is space, what is land?



Nothing/is given that is not/ taken,

and nothing taken

that was not first a gift.




Language is what sets us apart most from non-human nature;

a shared sense of presence is what links us most closely.




You are more intense than God, and fiercely dopey, and we adore you.

We love your overbalance, your plunge into utterness – but what is presence?



I come into the peace of wild things

who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief.

I come into the presence of still water.

Fells above Glenthorne

Fells above Glenthorne



Let men, who cannot be brothers

to themselves, understand the pride

of sycamores and thrushes

that receive the light gladly, and do not

think to illuminate themselves.

My mind became beautiful by the sight of the yellow-throated warbler.

He had the beauty only of himself alive in the only moment of his life.



The world is whole beyond human knowing.

…where nothing is diminished by perspective.

Grace attends the every movement of the birds. The same grace moveless in the shapes of trees and complex in ourselves: we see it’s indivisible and scarcely willed.