Ice sculpture prompts varied responses

Darth  Vader snowmanThe sight of a ghostly Darth Vader apparently emerging head and shoulders from the meeting house lawn (courtesy of our flat tenant Chris Bramley) caused a mixture of feelings amongst those who managed to get to meeting today.

One person thought we were exercising Quakerly tolerance in allowing it to remain, since this Star Wars character stands for all that is evil, rather like Harry Potter’s enemy Lord Voldemort. Another felt that it symbolised the ego which, with greater self-knowledge and spiritual discipline, we could allow to melt away rather than fight in vain. Someone else pointed out that Voldemort was unremittingly evil whereas Vader eventually achieved a form of redemption.

The discussion ended in tears of laughter, however, with the final comment from someone who had only seen it through the window, from the side, and had thought it was a sculpture of Elizabeth Fry, the 19th century Quaker prison reformer, in her Victorian bonnet!

10 January 2010 Irene R   Irene

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