Meditation/contemplation evening 18 November 2013

Colin Brown Painting

Colin Brown Painting

This evening’s rich session, on the theme of transition, was led by Kath. It included meditating on postcard-sized prints of evocative paintings by Colin Brown. Ten people attended.

In addition, Kath provided three quotes from the book A Sunlit Absence by Martin Laird, as follows:

  • The threads of Providence are braided right into the knots of our own aversion, despair, depression and panic.
  • If God is the sculptor, our (silent) practice is like a chisel that works effectively and patiently to remove stone. Just as the process of chiselling, brushing and blowing away debris and dust is not by way of acquisition, so the practice of (silence) does not acquire for us something. Rather, it proceeds by way of … release, of prying loose, of letting go of the need to have our life circumstances a certain way in order for us to live or pray or be deeply happy.
  • Whether our emotions are dark and crippling or enlivening, Light shines within darkness and Light shines within light. We cannot light a candle that is already lit; trying to is a great waste of time. We simply need to look into a radically decluttered mind and see this Light of awareness within ourselves.

A big thank you to Rosalee for arriving early to open up the Meeting House and for setting out all the furniture, tea and biscuit items, boiling the kettles etc.
Each month a different volunteer either selects some readings, visual themes or musical themes to contemplate, or leads a guided meditation. Afterwards everyone is free to share their thoughts and feelings … or to stay silent. These evenings of quiet contemplation are open to all. Location: Friends Meeting House, Park Road, Woking: 7:30pm for a 7:45 start. The next session will be on Monday 16 December 2013.

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