Woking Friends’ words

Polly H “Our quiet, gathered Sunday morning Meeting for Worship has sustained me all my adult life: more powerful than private prayer, our search for God’s presence – that inner light in ourselves and in others – and the sharing of our concerns, tap into guidance about how we should try to live our lives. After meeting, there is something warm, friendly and positive to take out into everyday life – some meaning to our busy lives perhaps …” Polly

“I enjoy the simplicity of Quaker meditation. There is only one Power Of the Universe, one Source, but many religions/beliefs. Two quotes I like: ‘Just realise where you came from’; ‘The morning breeze has secrets to tell you – do not go back to sleep.'” Richard

Rosalee S “Here are the words that came to mind one Sunday a few months ago as I was preparing myself for our time of silent worship. I remember being very aware of all those who had come before me into this quiet space: ‘To listen for the unheard … To sense untold Presence … To quiet internal clamour … To let the body be still … Is to gather all in worship … And offer mankind a blessing … Unconditional … Everlasting and loving’ ” Rosalee

Frank R “When I come to meeting, I feel I am amongst kindred spirits. Each of us present has our own set of spiritual ‘maps’ that we feel comfortable with using during the course of our lives; yet I get a strong sense that we are all using the same compass. This, for me, provides a sense of unity and comradeship within the meeting.” Frank

Quaking Pudding

QUAKING PUDDING at The Hind’s Head, Heston Blumenthal’s 15th century pub in Bray, Berkshire, UK, www.hindsheadbray.com. This is Heston’s version of an old Elizabethan recipe. Ingredients: butter & flour to line the pudding basins; 100ml whole milk; 400ml whipping cream; 65g sugar; 4 egg yolks; 1 whole egg; ¼ tsp nutmeg; ¼ tsp cinnamon.


Elizabeth W “I like the Quakers because I’ve found a religious ‘home’ that fits with me rather than me having to fit in with the group.” Elizabeth

Irene R “When I found Quakers (both at Woking and nationally) I discovered not only a spirituality that I can understand but also a group of people I feel very much at home with; not because we all think alike but because we know that, whatever our beliefs, we are respected and valued.” Irene