Talk: a pharmaceutical venture in Nepal – Sunday 27 September 2015

Jackie who gave the Nepal talk

Jackie posing in a traditional Nepali costume in the Meeting House garden

Following on from a shared lunch, Jackie Durrant gave a warm, impassioned, yet light-hearted account of her 3-year sojourn in Nepal. Jackie, a friend of Frank from Woking Meeting, worked as a Christian volunteer between 2012 and 2015, helping to establish functional pharmacy operations in and around Tansen and Pokhara.

The bulk of her work consisted of training the Nepalese pharmacists, but she found time to set up a thriving cookery club which was very beneficial in getting local women out of their restricted home environments and experience something of the outside world in a fun social setting.

Jackie is now thinking in terms of working with the many Nepalese in and around Aldershot, helping them to make sense of their prescriptions and, knowing her, to make them feel less isolated.

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