Talk: The Significance of Silence in the Buddha’s Teachings | 15 February 2010

The similarity of some Quaker and Buddhist insights is a helpful reminder that universal truths are not uniquely Buddhist, not uniquely Quaker. As with Friends, the unifying element in Buddhism lies in practice rather than in the underlying belief system.

This talk, followed by questions, was given by Geoffrey Hunt, who is the Buddhist Chaplain at the University of Surrey and founder of the New Buddha Way. He also chairs the ethics committees of two local hospices. He is Professor of Philosophy at St Mary’s University College and lectures internationally on professional and organisational ethics, especially in relation to emerging technologies.

Judging by comments afterwards, the event was extremely successful, with 35 people from and outside the Area turning up for the occasion. Geoff has indicated that he enjoyed being there and meeting such an interested & interesting group; he said he would be pleased to come again if invited – which he may be taken up on!

18 February 2010

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