Candles in glass containers

Candles in the Chaplaincy Centre at the University of Sheffield

Depending on the context, a chaplain needn’t necessarily be a minister of religion (Quakers don’t have appointed ‘ministers’).

Quaker Prison Chaplains (QPCs) work with the chaplaincies of about 110 of Britain’s 140 or so prisons. They have the right to visit any registered Quaker who requests a visit. In many prisons, QPCs have developed a wider role, offering friendship and support both to staff and to prisoners who may be wary of formal religion.

Quaker college and university chaplains offer pastoral support in a wide variety of univiersities and Further and HIgher Education colleges.

While some hospital chaplains to the smaller religious groups are simply placed on a list in the hospital chaplain’s office and are called as needed, it is possible sometimes to be more fully involved in the life and work of the chaplaincy by being a ‘ward visitor’.