Themed contemplation/exploration evening | 7.30pm Mon 3 Dec

A thank you to Jean for her inspired facilitation of the October contemplation / exploration evening. Ivor has kindly volunteered to “guide” us during this December session.

We customarily meet on a Monday or a Thursday at 7.30 for 7.45pm. A typical session involves five or six short readings (each consisting of a sentence or two), though visual or sound images are also possible. Readings are separated by a few minutes minutes of stillness.

Before the session ends, we share our feelings about what came up for us during the readings and silent intervals.

The format of these evenings, which take place roughly once per month, was inspired  by and has evolved from the Experiment with Light sessions devised by Quaker and theologian Rex Ambler following his study of early Friends’ writings.

So far we have been fortunate in being able to reflect on readings from several volunteers, each of whom have selected their own theme to take us through an evening and to act as an inspiration to Worship / daily life.

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